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We are the exclusive Specialized Bicycle and Accessories dealer in Bermuda - the worlds best products.

2014 Models are now in stock. Come in and browse the latest bike and equipment catalogues today. 

We offer the leading dynamic bike fit service in Bermuda. Our Fit Speciliast is the only certified  BG Fit specialist in Bermuda having attained his Masters Qualification from Speicialized Bicycle Components University.   Click here to learn more about how a BG Fit can improve your riding experience.

Today's Tip

Shipping Your Bike? Don't Forget The Padding! - You can avoid most damage during shipping by packing your bicycle carefully. Use pipe insulation to wrap and protect the frame tubes. Ask us for a fork block. These plastic pieces fit between the fork blades to prevent bending should a heavy object land on your bike crate. We also have axle caps, which prevent axle ends poking through the box. When you're packing your bike, pay attention to what's touching what, too. Ensure that there's as little metal-to-metal contact as possible to minimize damage. Put cardboard between metal parts that might touch. Inspect the packed bike for things that might rub, poke or scratch other parts of the bicycle. One of the more fragile parts of any bike is the rear derailleur. Protect this by shifting into the largest cog. This moves the derailleur closer to the wheel where it's less likely to get bent on the trip.